What Clients Have Said

Thank you for making Wellbeing Week possible… The response has been positive and it does show, how encouraging people to take time for their wellbeing has good results and benefits

Katy Woolford, Chief Inspector, Sussex Police

Thanks for a great session…. Especially how much stress impacts health. Aideen explained all aspects clearly and carefully, ensuring every participant gained a good understanding. Would definitely recommend.

Bee Nicholls, Operations Manager, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

…I left feeling calm but also energised at the same time…learnt tools I can use when I’m feeling stressed… Aideen was professional, knowledgeable, patient, and fun!

Vikki Lester-Nown, Training & Development Manager, Legal & General

Fabulous. Engaging, relevant and delivered with humour.

Goes above and beyond to promote wellbeing because it is the right thing to do, not just a business.

Thank you

Giles York, Chief Constable, Sussex Police

Mindfulness allowed me to explore a different aspect of life which I have not entered before. This course is great, exciting and spiritual which I highly recommend. Aideen is very helpful and ensures the course is catered to everyone

Aideen provided a great space to have fun with mindfulness and made me realise a lot about myself

Millie Prior, Elmbridge Borough Council
From the outset Aideen promoted a sense of wellbeing that we all have and can/need to develop. The best presentation on Mindfulness I have attended.
Robin January, Elmbridge Borough Council

Your presentation was really good and I felt the tasks were short but effective and got the point across really well.

Matt Knott, Switchboard Supervisor, Sussex Police

Really enjoyed the stress management workshop, think more companies should include mindfulness and stress management into their daily routines.

Christopher Weeks, Co-Founder, Bounce
Had a fantastic session with Aideen, really made me think and want to improve my wellbeing!
Nick Costeros, Owner, Crocus Paella
Really enjoyed Aideen’s Mindfulness session. She is a very engaging communicator and the exercises are simple and very effective. Would thoroughly recommend Aideen & LifeBlueprint.
Joy Forsythe, Theatre Arts South

Aideen is an incredibly engaging speaker and facilitator, she makes the importance of workplace health and wellbeing very clear. Alongside fun icebreakers and easy practical techniques for workplace stress relief. Aideen is a knowledgeable and calming influence, who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend again..

Beth Lewis, HR Operations Manager, Adventure Yogi

Aideen gave me many different ways to handle my stress and be more present in the moment. The workshop was inclusive and interaction and immediately made me feel calm and ready to go back to work and be productive and organised, helping to get rid of my “monkey brain”.

Kristina Chapma, Digital Grads

Good balance of cognitive versus physical interactive exercises. Structured so that being aware and practising “engaging with the self” is part of the session, loved the stress thermometer. Really great!

Vikki Parker, Arts Unwritten

Excellent sessions, with lots of practical tips!

Lloyd Burgess, The Coffee Roasters

Useful session to introduce the concept of mindfulness with exercises to take with you in everyday life.

Lena Stromberg, Sussex Police

The session left me feeling happy and relaxed.

Jackie Heale, Sussex Police
I found the taster session, helpful and interesting. I would like to do more and find out more. Enjoyed it!
Robin Craze, Sussex Police
Excellent 30 minutes, worthwhile to have a short time from work to re centre the mind and body.
CW804, Sussex Police

It’s very easy to get caught up in life. This helps show the importance of time out and relaxation.

Matt, Sussex Police

The good thing about the sessions was that it was about changing little things in your day to day life that could make a big difference to your life and also practicing these techniques. I would recommend these sessions to anyone. An amazing course. Personally I came away with so many ideas – very empowering thank you.

Lucy Pearce, Legal & General

I attended Aideen’s early morning Mindfulness session and it set me up for the whole day! I left feeling calm but also energised at the same time. Aideen explained the techniques very clearly and I have learnt tools that I can have with me all the time to use whenever I am feeling stressed. Aideen had a natural way about her that made you instantly warm to her and feel comfortable, she was professional, knowledgeable, patient and fun!

Vikki Lester-Nown, Legal & General

What Our Families Have Said

I feel like parenting is the most difficult job anyone will ever be given. There’s no training, no manual, no practice. This is a great course to give you some perspective and some tools to help. Excellent coach, small informal group style, good amount of participation. Highly recommend.

Richard Tai-Chidlow

If you do one thing to look after yourself this year, do the Parenting Through Mindfulness Workshop. 4 hours of kid-free time, meet other people who are the same as you, learn new strategies and have a delicious lunch. You’ll be a better parent because of it!

Daniella Kiernan

Such a lovely nourishing experience. With a brilliant balance of facilitated activities and meditation, sharing and holding by Aideen, who really brought love and insight to the sessions. And her beautiful calming voice will stay with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Caren Fisher

A lovely relaxed, informal atmosphere. Has been so useful to take a step back to think about how I parent and how mindfulness can support me.

Jo Wilson

I looked forward to every session, met some lovely mums and feel more rational with my parenting and dealing with difficult situations. Definitely a worthwhile course. Thanks Aideen!

Jess Daltrop

Attending the first day felt akin to a big hug!

Coriander Creaghan

Aideen was wonderful! She helped us to think about difficult situations and concepts in a calm manner.

Patricia Castanheira

The Mindfully Happy Parenting course came at the right time for me, I was feeling very stressed, shouting at my toddler and feeling disappointed  in myself as a crap parent. I have realised that situations are states, and do end and are not traits – i.e. permanent. I am doing my best and he knows that he is loved. Thank you.

Nicky Robinson Dalton

Aideen is a lovely wise women, who knows her stuff. She is a wonderful leader full of insight, wisdom and compassion. She is very professional, I gained a lot from the course.

Rain Harris, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant

The course helped me start focus on my parenting style and technique and ways that I can improve my relationships with my daughters and husband. Well worth doing it, happily recommend!

Katherine Yeoman, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant

My 10 year old daughter has been struggling with not sleeping and worrying about this to the extent that she was very anxious, pacing up and down at night time. Nothing I could say or do seemed to have any effect! She struggles at school and worries about things a lot. She saw Aiden for her first session at school and that night she actually fell asleep without being anxious! She loved the sessions and wants them to carry on indefinitely and have them every day! She is still struggling with sleeping and anxiety but she has a much bigger knowledge of coping strategies and confidence that she can use them to good effect. I am so glad we decided to go ahead with these sessions and I wish all children could have them as they are so positive!

Viv Mudie, Occupational Therapist & Mother of 3

We engaged Aideen to help our 7 year old son through a difficult time. She helped tremendously, listening closely to our needs and tailoring her sessions with him accordingly. Alongside this, she carried out valuable follow-up sessions both with our son and the family as a whole, and provided us with further resources and ideas for future use.

Aideen equipped our son with techniques and ways of thinking that not only helped him at the time but that he continues to use today. Her expertise, empathy and enthusiasm really made a difference. We would recommend her without hesitation to anybody thinking of exploring mindfulness.

Elaine Clydesdale, Mother of 2

My 7 year old son and I have greatly benefited from our sessions with Aideen. She created a space that welcomed both of us into a journey of emotion exploration.  What a wonderful experience to share with my child! I feel we were able to engage on a level that was not previously included in our daily lives. Aideen thoughtfully facilitated sessions that allowed Alex to relax and participate in fun activities, while simultaneously engaging me in the benefits of mindfulness.  

Rae Powers, Nurse and Mother of 2

Aideen has a wealth of fun ideas, knowledge and expertise. She has helped our daughter to deal with her anxieties through her weekly sessions. Her relaxed and professional attitude and different tips have given Charlie a wealth of positive strategies to help her overcome her challenges in life. From her very first session she put our daughter at ease, helping Charlie understand and deal with her emotions better. We would highly recommend her to any parent or teacher looking for help and guidance in building emotional resilience.

Claire Hamburger, Nurse and Mother of 2

The group of women that came to the course were lovely. It’s been very helpful to meet other women in the same situation and realise I’m not alone. The environment was very welcoming at “Jane’s Place” and felt very creative and open space to  express my feelings. Aideen runs a great course and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to talk about their parenting issues in a safe space.

Zoe Pay, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant

Great way to share experiences with other parents. Have already shared this with a friend. Wonderful supportive space for any parent wanting to learn about mindfulness and how it can help with parenting.

Janice Taylor, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant
Aideen is an excellent facilitator, holds the group well in a safe space, valuable techniques have been learnt which I am practising with my son. Has helped me also not to be so hard on myself as a parent.
Jane Robbie, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant

A wonderful combination of learning, sharing and selfcare.

Cara Oliver, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant
A good beginners guide to mindfulness
Laura Marrs, Mindfully Happy Parenting Participant

Aideen was excellent in empowering me to make tough decisions. She also provided me with a toolbox to tackle future life choices. Thanks Aideen!

Tom Perry, IT Consultant

Just 6 sessions have given me the tools to face up to issues and trust my inner wisdom. All areas were explored with empathy and answers were found from within with gentle probing and encouragement. I would recommend a coaching course with Aideen for anyone who is at a cross roads, looking for decisions for the immediate and long term future

Emma Laing, English Teacher Key Stage 3 & 4

I have found my sessions very beneficial. I have met a number of my goals and continue to use the tools I have learned in everyday life. I now feel generally more positive regarding my career and family life.

Charlotte Pendlington, Practice Nurse

The sessions  helped me make some difficult decisions I was coming up against in life. Aideen had great listening skills with the ability to open some doors to help me re think my career and have a different perception on some of the goals I wanted to achieve over the next 5 years. I had a great experience whilst having life coaching and always left the session feeling clearer and more motivated.

Michele Allborough, Social Worker

What Our Schools Have to Say

Aideen offered a fantastic workshop at Raynes Park High School on Mindfulness. Aideen was really on the students level and the students really enjoyed their introduction to mindfulness. Highly engaging and interactive workshops that benefitted all, including staff!

Sarah Audley, Raynes Park High School, London

Since I took part in the 6 week Mindfully Happy Schools Programme, I can deal with stress more effectively and focus on what needs to get done without feeling too overwhelmed.

Grace Rogers, Year 12 Student, Hove Park School, Brighton

We have been using Mindfulness for students that are in their final year of A-Levels. This has allowed them to take time out of their studies and to reflect on their strengths and to focus on something different. This has been invaluable coming up to the exam season, when students often feel overwhelmed with revision schedules. Aideen has come to the class regularly and is always ready to give the students tools to enhance their learning and day to day functioning. The sessions have been adapted to suit young people and Aideen has encouraged them to think more deeply about how their thoughts affect their behaviour. The students will be able to take away some of the activities to help them focus their mind at this challenging time and it is something I will try and incorporate into other classes that I teach.

Jane Thomas, Teacher, Hove Park School, Brighton

Following an introductory session for teaching staff, Aideen delivered a 6 week Mindfulness and Resilience schools programme to our Year One and Year Two children. Through fun and interactive games and exercises, the children learned about how they could incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives. Aideen introduced them to tools they could use when they needed to concentrate, to feel happy or to help them manage their emotions. As Headteacher, it was fascinating to witness their understanding and knowledge grow week by week and to see them then implement some of the techniques they had learned in everyday school situations. It also became apparent how well mindfulness supported and complemented wellbeing strategies currently used in school, such as peer massage. We are looking forward to welcoming Aideen back to work with our older children, as we help prepare them for life in secondary school, and to her imparting her skills and knowledge with further sessions for staff.

Michele Lawrie, Headteacher, St Peter's Community School, Portslade

The children really enjoyed Aideen coming in each week and really found her tips and strategies useful. Her sessions on the mind-body connection were really beneficial in helping the children with emotional regulation and concentration. In fact, I found myself practising the power pose technique that she shared with the class, before an important meeting.

Francesca Gibbs, Year Two Teacher, St Peter’s Community School, Portslade

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