This wee fella certainly knows how to play the camera and perhaps in our busy lives, we could all benefit by being “more dog”! My dog is a great reality checker for when life starts to overwhelm me, the epitome of living in the here and now, making the most of every moment. He certainly prioritises his self-care, taking regular naps when he needs them, plenty of exercise and eating a balanced meal (ok I am in charge of that one!). Exhibiting great self-acceptance of his reality, he definitely knows his place. His great ability to tune into my emotions offering comfort when I’m feeling sad or more playful when I’m joyful. He will fetch a ball for hours because each time it is thrown he is newly excited. He is an excellent reminder that sometimes it’s good to just let go and simply do things for the fun of it, without judgement or over-thinking, even if it means carrying a stick for hours, simply because it brings him joy. So when it feels that life is getting too much, think of how you can be “more dog”, slow down, look around you, chase squirrels, smell the air, think less and feel more, carry a stick if that makes you happy, whatever floats your boat for a happier more playful life.

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