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We understand that when faced with the day to day reality, it’s often not an easy job balancing employee wellbeing, morale, engagement whilst meeting targets, deadlines and the all-important return on investment. Providing the wellbeing solution that works for you, well that’s our expertise.

LifeBlueprint - How - Illustration 1
LifeBlueprint - How - Illustration

We appreciate that no two organisations or individuals are the same, each has a unique blueprint, so we don’t believe in a one size fits. Because we are innovative and agile we can confidently bring you the latest best practice solutions And while there is no quick fix solution, the majority of our interventions are quick to implement with a special focus on practical integration into everyday life so that they quickly become embedded in your culture and simply become a way of being.

PHASE ONE – Let’s Get Acquainted

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  • The initial phase is so we can gain a better understanding of your culture; wellbeing interventions used; what works/doesn’t, obstacles and importantly your desired outcomes.

  • We can then offer you a wellbeing solution that will actively build the resilient capabilities and skills for the wellbeing of your organisation.

PHASE TWO – The Navigator Training Program

  • The Navigator Training programme is a toolbox of best practise wellbeing skills and techniques.

  • Designed to assist employees to develop the necessary skills for positive psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

  • All workshops and training can be delivered in a range of formats and durations to ensure that they are accessible and available to your employees.

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  • 30 to 90-minute introductory sessions
  • 4 to 10 session courses
  • Conference of Seminar Sessions
  • Programs for Mental Health Week
  • Health & Wellbeing Day programs
  • Ongoing 30 to 90-minutes sessions

PHASE THREE – Embedding Within Your Culture

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  • How often have you attended a course/workshop, and have total conviction that you will use the knowledge and techniques when you return to work/home, only for the course notes to gather dust as the demands of real life take over?
  • We’ve been there too, so that is why all our workshops are designed to maximise self directed change.

  • All sessions are facilitated in an engaging, positive and innovative style that maximises adult learning and retention for immediate transfer to the real world and applicable outcomes well beyond the duration of the training sessions.

PHASE FOUR – Measurement & Effectiveness

  • Before, during and after the implementation of the interventions we work closely with you to analyse your key metrics around employee wellbeing.

  • This provides clarity as to what works and what doesn’t in helping boost wellbeing, as well as potentially impacting the bottom line.

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