What motivated you to start up?

Originally hailing from Ireland, Aideen worked in a number of global marketing agencies working on products ranging from fertilisers to kodak camera film (showing her age!). But it was probably her foray into the world of whisky and her involvement in the brand ambassador training programmes designed to educate bar tenders on the history, craftsmanship and flavour of whisky and cognac brands that she learnt the art of balancing great content with the right level of interaction to promote retention beyond the actual session. Her ability to sniff out a good single malt can rival her springer spaniel’s sniffing skills!

Lifeblueprint Wellbeing was born in Hove Actually! in 2015. Fuelled by a genuine interest in mental and physical wellbeing and also a personal need, as she was definitely feeling the overwhelm, striving to achieve a happy work life flow.

Her past working life and her experience of working with organisations is that not everyone has 30 minutes to meditate and sometimes you may need immediate and accessible tools and skills that work in the heat of a stressful moment. That is exactly what she delivers, fun and engaging wellbeing solutions.

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What can I expect from a typical LifeBlueprint session?

  • Whether it is leadership skills, stress management, relaxation techniques, problem solving, sleep tips for better performance or breathing techniques, all combine to improve individual and workplace wellbeing.

  • Small but perfectly formed we are innovative and agile so can confidently bring you the latest best practice solutions.
  • While there is no quick fix solution, the majority of our interventions are quick to implement with a special focus on practical integration into everyday life so that they quickly become embedded in your culture and simply become a way of being.
  • For us, life is about celebrating individuality and having fun in the process. Humour and playfulness are attributes that we like to incorporate where appropriate.

  • Approaches proven to boost staff morale, productivity, efficiency and overall wellbeing.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Honestly! We absolutely love what we do. Without sounding too egotistical about it, the overwhelming positive feedback we receive from clients on the transformative impact the training has on their wellbeing. For example, consider 90 police officers for a one hour mindfulness session, the ultimate satisfaction when they have been “gently” nudged out of their comfort zone and are embracing some mindfulness meditation techniques and report back afterwards that they successfully used some of the techniques while on the beat!

How did you choose your name – LifeBlueprint Wellbeing?

Different people have different success in crafting the life that they truly enjoy and as much as we may like to go back in time, we cannot change the past. However, we all have the ability to further customise and create our own unique blueprint for life or as we refer to it as your Life Blueprint. At LifeBlueprint our mission is to help clients celebrate their individuality and maximise their potential to help them flourish.

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